Reza Kashi

I’m a mechanical engineer with 7 years’ experience in both biomedical engineering and Design of special purpose machines. In this capacity, I was mainly involved in robotic and mechatronics projects for major clients and I completed a wide variety of designing and manufacturing of prototypes projects. Meanwhile, I combined my engineering skills with management skills by attending in an intensive course of MBA (marketing) in parallel with my engineering activities.

Name : Reza
Phone : +61 469 792 876
Email : Reza.Kashik@gmail.com
Address : Melbourne, Australia
Skype : rezakashi67

Selected projects

We established Chistatech Company; a manufacturing workshop and a project-oriented design team in both mechanic and electronic fields. We have completed variety of projects.

As I was involved in all projects, I gained useful experience in our workshop. These projects designed by 3D modelling software, then their drafts were drawn, manufactured and installed in our workshop.

Click on the diagrams of my projects for more information.

Designed & Manufactured Projects:

- Intelligent MFL pipeline inspection pig
- Caliper pig (10")
- Mineral wool tension test machine
- Adjustable acetabulum reamer
- Remotely operated underwater vehicle
- Automatic phosphating line for gears
- Hexapod Force plate
- Cartesian melting robot
- Electro spinning machine
- Robotic Foot
- Automatic oxidation line
- Thickness determination machine (Mineral wool)
- Cable Cam robot (SLR cameras)
- Robotic camera head
- Scratcher testing machine

Honours & Awards

  • c

    4rd rank

    Physic experimental competitions Olympiad held in Yazd-Iran, 2004.

  • d

    56th rank

    Mechanical engineering Master’s degree entrance examination, among 15000 candid

  • f

    469th rank

    Bachelor degree entrance examination, among 500k candidate.


Here you can find major skills I have gained during my years in the workplace.

3D CAD/CAM (CATIA V5, Solidwork, Inventor)
Mechanical Design (Robotic, Automation)
Programming and DAQ (Labviwe,Matlab)
Manufacturing (CNC G code, Operating, Machining process)

Art & Music

I initiated my music career when I was 10. I played Setar and Tar in highschool and I succeeded to gain some rewards until 2008 I was chosen as the second Tar soloist of Iran by Fajr young music festival. I played Tar, Setar and Bozoki in too many assemblies. Here you can hear some of my recording files!



Film music

Music and player: Reza Kashi


Pop Music


Vocal: Ali Etemadi
Setar: Reza Kashi


Iranian Music

Raz O Niaz

Music and arrangement: M. Miri
Bozoki and Tar: Reza kashi


Iranian Music

Teater music!

Music: M.Miri
Bozoki: Reza kashi


Iranian Music


Music and arrangement: M. Miri
Bozoki and Tar: Reza kashi


Iranian Music

Ghazale ma

Music and arrangement: M. Miri
Tar: Reza kashi